About Sasha Dawn


Sasha Dawn connects her clients with their truth. Having grown up on a gravel road, surrounded by nature, a young Sasha was given a greater perspective of the bond between our human spirit and the larger world around us, both visually and felt through instinct.

Sasha’s family hails from a line of Psychics & Mediums. Her close connection to her family was vital to her intuitive endowment allowing her gift to be revealed and nurtured from a young age.

Sasha uses a variety of Oracle cards in her readings to lead you on your healing journey. She works with the Archangels and the Violet Flame to receive messages from your spirit guide(s), loved ones or Angels who work through Sasha to share their wisdom and guidance.
Through Sasha they will share messages they have for you by leaving an empathic & mediumship imprint during your session.
You will find these message to carry validation for you. 
She is passionate about IET, Reiki, Automatic Handwriting and being a facilitator of Canada's First & only Trinity Table.

Sasha has always had a very clear vision of what she wants in life.
It has been the power of saying "No" that has enabled her to break cycles and forge her own path toward a meaningful and abundant life. 

Her energy consciousness guides her practice and enables her to share the secrets of healing and manifesting the life you want


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