" Where to begin, I have no words. Not only is Sasha a kind and gentle soul. She has a gift for the world. She is so intuitive and Intune that everything is always bang on. I trust her and send clients her way because she is genuine and guides people looking for answers. Every single one of them leaves with an aww moment. I highly recommend her as one of the best all around. "
- Darpan Ahluwalia

" I don't even know if I can put into words how grateful I am for my experience with Sasha. 
My boyfriend passed away a month ago, and I was introduced to Sasha through a mutual friend. I have had other readings before, but never with a medium. The whole time I was with Sasha I just KNEW that my boyfriend was there with me, I could feel him and everything that Sasha said was word for word what HE would have said to me. It was unbelievably comforting to have someone so kind and caring help bridge the gap between us and bring us together again. That is the closest that we can be now, and it's wonderful to be able to connect with someone who has such an amazing gift and who wants to share that gift with others. It was a mind blowing experience and genuinely made me feel closer to my lost love .  thank you so much Sasha xoxo"
- Angie Strike 

" I am still reflecting on the random, out of the blue message Sasha had for me. It has given me so much peace and confidence. Thank you for handling such a difficult (but loveable) energy! "
- Nikki Lamframboise

" You have an amazing gift! The messages you delivered only family would know about! As you said she was a powerful spirit and she was, on earth and in the spirit world ! thank you for letting me know what you did. It lifted a lot of wondering ! you are truly an angel <3 "
-Shonna Keith

" Sasha has a truly remarkable gift. She has done several readings for me and each time is a special experience. She isn't afraid to get real with me and tell me the messages that I need to hear, as well as the ones that I want to hear. Her readings have made me both laugh and cry, and they are so accurate, it's astonishing. I will continue to go to her "
- Crystal Sorrenti